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Finding a college that will prepare you for your future is a difficult choice to make. In general, look at the hard numbers to find out what is offered and what the schools results have been in recent years. This gives you the best look at what schools will do the most for you. Advertising and benefits are fantastic, but nothing speaks like hard numbers.

Herzing University

Herzing University offers a variety of degree options throughout their numerous campuses. Learning online is a fantastic option, but Herzing offers hybrid courses that let you    learn online and on campus. The choice is up to you. With an Associate’s Degree in medical Assisting and a Diploma in Medical Assisting (offered through certain campuses) your options are wide open. Tuition is also very fair ranging from $22,800 to $27,300 for the entire program.

In most cases, four to five semesters will be required to earn your degree varying based on previous college experience. A general education is required for most programs and if you have finished these previously, your education will cost less and take less time. Graduates of the program did well in finding work with 75% finding employment upon graduation. Within the specified time to get numbers, 12 people qualified for graduation statistics and only 1 finished on time. With that being said, online programs rare have numbers above 30% so don’t let that make you think that they program is any less than others. The school holds all the appropriate accreditations with a list entirely too long to write out here, and individual campuses have specific accreditations for programs.


Ashworth College

There are few bells and whistles included with an Ashworth College Certified Medical Administrative Assistant program. Don’t let that drive you away from this program though as it focuses more on quickly preparing you for your career in as little time as possible. In addition, tuition is alarmingly low at $604 – $744 in total. Through a partnership with the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) you can earn your Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA).

In addition to the fast paced course and the fact that they promote real advancement in your career, there is s 95.3% completion rate in their programs. You can finish in as little as six months and your education includes significant value. In addition to your education you will be able to take the CMAA at no fee (normally $105) and earn your ID card (normally $19) adding to the value of your education. Accredited by the Distance Education and Training council, the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, the school carries a great deal of weight along with its low costs and robust education.


ECPI University


ECPI University is one of the lesser known colleges out there, but it is one worth considering for a number of reasons. Offering an Associate of Applied Science in Health Science degree in preparation for a career as a Medical Assistant, you will be prepared for a future that has no limits. Earning an Associate’s degree will put you in a position to continue your education at a later date as you see fit, or continue in your current role indefinitely. Tuition is competitive for an associate degree, coming in at $27,373.85 for your complete education the school is extremely competitive with other bigger name schools.

It is also important to know the hard numbers. A total of 54% of students graduate on time. The interesting point is that the program is designed to take 17 months and the average completion time is 16 months. Accreditation comes from the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools which will be highly valued as you start to move into the working world. Job placement numbers a great deal based on where you learn, but in general students are finding jobs quickly upon graduation.


Harrison College


Harrison College is no slouch compared to other schools offering a wide breadth of education choices for students. An Associate of Applied Science Degree will prepare you to become a Medical Assistant in no time at all. A total of eight quarters is the expected completion time for this program which will cost a total of $38,400 in total. While not the cheapest school listed here, Harrison offers an education that allows you to continue into a number of related fields all within in the same college.

In general, schools that offer associate’s programs have low completion rates compared to Harrison College. With 65.6% of students graduating on time, more students complete this program than other shorter programs offered. With a focus on working together to achieve goals for students, you are looked at as an individual as opposed to a name through the online setting. Graduates find work 66.5% of the time once they finish their education and that is partly due to the pedigree of the school. Accreditations come from the Higher Learning Commission, Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health and Education Programs, the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools and a number of other accreditors which can be viewed here.


U.S. Career Institute


With a 100% online Medical Assistant Certification offered through the U.S. Career Institute you choose how long you wish to study. You can complete your education in as little as four months. The self-paced study will put your real graduation time in your own hands. You will find an option for a money back guarantee towards finding work upon graduation. There are some specific things you must do to qualify (found here). Additionally, the school offers a 5 day money back trial of their courses. Expect to pay somewhere from $979 – $1539 in tuition overall. That includes all books and supplies that are required for your education.

With an accreditation from the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council, you are learning from a respected school. Military education benefits are offered for current and veteran individuals. Fully approved to offer assistance to military personnel and their families, this is a great choice for those looking to bolster their possibilities for civilian life. Hard numbers are not available in relation to graduation and job placement rates, which may be due to the fact that this is a completely self-paced program.

The choice of educational institution is completely up to you, but these numbers should all help you decide on where you want to put your energy. Cost, graduation numbers and a wide variety of other factors are important, and talking with the admissions offices will help you hone down what you are looking for in a college. You may not be fully aware of what you need just yet, but using this list as a starting point is a great way to ensure that you are finding the program you need.